Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The November Tarot Day 30 Goodbye November

For the last day of November, I'm using a spread called:

The Earth, The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars.  The Earth is what grounds me, The Sun is what nourishes me, The Moon is what awakens me, and The Stars are what I wish for.

Using the Thoth Deck, by Lady Frieda Harris, with some insight from Aleister Crowley, the old reprobate.

My Earth Card is The Lovers
My Sun Card is The Ace of Disks
My Moon Card is Adjustment
My Star Card is 10 of Swords/Ruin

What grounds me?  Love.  Isn't that what grounds everyone?  Loving someone is a way of showing yourself that you too are worth loving.  It represents the earthly gift of finding common ground with someone.  When we love, we show ourselves completely with all of our grit and weakness, trusting the other person to see the core worth of who we are.  That's contacting the divine.

What nourishes me? Finding new opportunities.  Discovering something to nurture and bring some energy to.  Casting my light around for ways that I can get out of my comfort zone.

What awakens me?  Adjustment.  Like a graceful dancer en pointe or a Samurai summoning inner strength, my Adjustment suggests careful action, and skillful negotiation.  This card's Adjustment goddess is using her inner knowing to isolate a truth that is worth standing for.  She's telling me "Don't bargain with your Truth".

What do I wish for?  This seems more like a card of What do I wish to avoid?  The 10 of Swords/Ruin is a cautionary card.  Such a spiky nasty beast of a card.  Well, looks like ish gets real.

The continuum here is pretty clear.  Value what's real.  Take care of it.  Water the right seeds, Give it all my warmth and love - If there are outside influences knocking me off my balance (you know, life, money worries, arguments, deadlines, expectations) find that crystalline point of inner truth - keep rocking until I find my center.  Adjust.

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