Monday, November 27, 2017

The November Tarot Day 28 Relationship Reveal

Today I did a Relationship Reveal draw.  Do you have a relationship conundrum?  Wonder where it's going, were the fuck it went?  Do you need some insight into how to appreciate this relationship more?  People can be pretty good at hiding themselves from us.  The cards can show us a relationship Gift lying dormant - once we see it, we can dig it up, dust it off and put a shine to it.

Here it is - Pick a Court card that represents your Human.  It doesn't have to relate to birth gender or appearance in any way.  It's just something about this Court card that embodies qualities you associate with this Human.

Now.  Shuffle your Major Arcana cards, fan out face down in front of you.  Put a little energy into your choice - rub your hands together, let your card give you some vibes.  The Major Arcana draw shows aspects of your relationship you might have missed.  It can be a Blessing unseen until this moment, something this person has taught you, something so important that they have Yet to Illuminate for You.  This card may also be used for shadow work.  Is there a dark side to knowing this Human?  Do they nourish your soul, or leave you vacant and insubstantial?

For this draw I used the Aquarian Tarot, and a certain someone in mind - No, it's not my husband :^)

My Person is quietly forceful, rigid, conservative in some ways.  They are focused on matters of the material plane, first, always.  They don't seem adventurous.  They are stubborn.  They appear sure of their opinions.  They love me.  They are mature.

My Major Arcana card turned out to be The Magician.  The Magician does have a gift for me.  He wants me to see that some relationships are everlasting.  He wants me to see that this person's intentions come from a place of love.  They want to give it all.  They need to feel respected.  They want me to see how much they can share with me if I set aside my Ego to listen.  But. here comes the shadow... they don't know me.  The Magician is a pretty solitary, all encompassing energy.  The magician has all the tools and maybe this represents an obstacle in the free exchange of thought between my Human and Me.  I can't get past his table full of important tried and true tools, and he needs nothing from me.  Nothing but adoration and respect.

What can I learn from these 2 cards showing my Perception of this person and something that I need to See?  This relationship is blocked by ego and a difference in ideas.  This relationship is worth working on.  This person has a lot to give.  Maybe this person would like me to see past all the trappings on the table, and look deeper to the Human under the ceremonial robe.  They would rather move forward and keep working on the relationship until we get it right.

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