Monday, December 7, 2015

A Complementary Tarot Reading is in the Stars for You

Gold Dust Tarot will be reading this Thursday, December 10th, at Orchid Lane's Ladies Night.  Shake off your stardust, grab your capelet, and join us for an evening of bubbly and good friends.

Orchid Lane Ladies Night 12/10/15

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thank You Food Gatherers

Thank you Food Gatherers for giving me the opportunity to read tarot at The Vampires' Ball.  As always, each reading brought greater illumination to the cards.  Zingerman's Cornman Farms provided the perfect setting for sharing the mysteries of the tarot.  I can't wait until next October when we get to do it all over again.

Today marks the day of honoring our ancestors, family and friends who have crossed over to the other side.  Light your candles and bonfires in celebration of this day.  Mostly, take time to know that those whom we've lost are right here, loving us right back and basking in our remembrance.


Gold Dust Tarot

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Free Association Practice

The Major Arcana
Trumps Major

The Fool - Vagabond, naif, beginners mind, new horizons, spontaneity, innocent, journeys

  1. The Magician - Magic, the spark, tools at the ready, red robe signals energy and activity, 4 elements, alchemy
  2. The High Priestess - High Priestess you contain everything you need.  Your greatest resource resides within you.  Your secret knowledge unifies polarities, strengthens vision.intuition, Ideas, secret knowledge, fruitful inspiration, maid, mother, crone, changing, phases of life - going with the flow, acting independently and powerfully.
  3. The Emperor - Intimidating, wargod, Aries, ruler, ankh, Mars, force to be reckoned with, order and rule. 
  4. The Empress - Fruitful, fertility goddess, the idea becoming real, mother, reality, earth, grounding, ready, pregnant
  5. The Heirophant - Mentor, guide, leader of many, respected, guru, the outward appearance of respectability, piousness, spiritual leader, following, orderly - following an idea?
  6. The Lovers - Finding true love of person, idea, lifestyle, religion, love, pure love, innocence lost, spiritual love, relationships.
  7. The Chariot - Being pulled in 2 directions, Guide yourself, polarities, finding equilibrium, yin/yang, sun/moon, light/dark, balance, direction.
  8. Strength - overcome obstacles with strength of character, rule with love, character and inner strength are true strength, overcome baser instincts, pure motivation equals strength.
  9. The Hermit - Finding yourself alone, to your own self be true, shine a light, follow your inner light/wisdom, trust your inner guide, sometimes you have to do something on your own, wisdom, journey/work alone.
  10. The Wheel of Fortune - Roller coaster, ups and downs, roll with the changes, keep on rolling ;^), cause and effect, turning of a prayer wheel, rolling the dice, chance, gamble, harnessing the power of momentum.
  11. Justice - Law, legal matters, justice must be done, are you the injured party or the inflictor? Past trauma, decision making, ethical choices, get what is coming to you.
  12. The Hanged Man - Now you are in limbo, caught in the middle, rest - this doesn't involve you, you are innocent in this with your halo, you can wait it out, wait your turn, set a spell, 
  13. Death - The harvest, the setting sun and the rising sun, carry on into changes with a resolve, sudden violent change, new journeys, paths, way of life, dramatic change, aging
  14. Temperance - Now take what you have and make something new, the light is shining on you, unity of water/earth - being grounded and going with the flow, rising from the murky water like a lotus, maiden, mother, crone, trinity
  15. The Devil - Taboo, being chained to addiction, chained to a certain reality of your own making, choosing to remain imprisoned when you can be free, bad choices, unhealthy fixation with worldly interests, worship the wrong things/ideas
  16. The Tower - Now is your chance to escape, take it, take the risk, fly free, trust yourself, drastic change, blowing away your previous perceptions
  17. The Star - You are divine, trust your inner light, releasing inhibitions or self-doubt, finding your true nature, taking part
  18. The Moon - Wild/Tame, intuition, creative force/path, journey alone, unify your creative/objective, marriage of 2 minds, outer perceptions/inner drives, reality v fantasy, unite the 2
  19. The Sun - Come into the sun, explode out of your shell, let in the light and happiness, children, don't be overconfident, see all sides, don't fall off, happiness, time of glory
  20. Judgement - Time of reckoning, facing up to mistakes, new beginnings, new life, understanding reality, purpose
  21. The World - Full circle all elements in harmony, 4 archangels, 4 elements, everything in harmony, marrying heaven and earth, letting go of inhibitions, 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vampires' Ball, A Benefit for Food Gatherers October 30, 2015

Gold Dust Tarot is reading at Vampires' Ball October 30, 2015.  Vampires' Ball tickets 2015

Gold Dust Tarot will be looking into the glimmer-glass on this auspicious evening, letting the cards point you on your path.

Join Gold Dust Tarot in celebrating the season and helping our food-insecure neighbors of Washtenaw County.

Food Gatherers mission is to provide nutritious meals in Washtenaw County, and eliminate the causes of food insecurity in our "land of plenty".  The Vampires' Ball is just one way to support the cause.  Food Gatherers also welcomes volunteers in their warehouse and community kitchen.