Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The November Tarot Day 30 Goodbye November

For the last day of November, I'm using a spread called:

The Earth, The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars.  The Earth is what grounds me, The Sun is what nourishes me, The Moon is what awakens me, and The Stars are what I wish for.

Using the Thoth Deck, by Lady Frieda Harris, with some insight from Aleister Crowley, the old reprobate.

My Earth Card is The Lovers
My Sun Card is The Ace of Disks
My Moon Card is Adjustment
My Star Card is 10 of Swords/Ruin

What grounds me?  Love.  Isn't that what grounds everyone?  Loving someone is a way of showing yourself that you too are worth loving.  It represents the earthly gift of finding common ground with someone.  When we love, we show ourselves completely with all of our grit and weakness, trusting the other person to see the core worth of who we are.  That's contacting the divine.

What nourishes me? Finding new opportunities.  Discovering something to nurture and bring some energy to.  Casting my light around for ways that I can get out of my comfort zone.

What awakens me?  Adjustment.  Like a graceful dancer en pointe or a Samurai summoning inner strength, my Adjustment suggests careful action, and skillful negotiation.  This card's Adjustment goddess is using her inner knowing to isolate a truth that is worth standing for.  She's telling me "Don't bargain with your Truth".

What do I wish for?  This seems more like a card of What do I wish to avoid?  The 10 of Swords/Ruin is a cautionary card.  Such a spiky nasty beast of a card.  Well, looks like ish gets real.

The continuum here is pretty clear.  Value what's real.  Take care of it.  Water the right seeds, Give it all my warmth and love - If there are outside influences knocking me off my balance (you know, life, money worries, arguments, deadlines, expectations) find that crystalline point of inner truth - keep rocking until I find my center.  Adjust.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day 29 The November Tarot

Card of the Day! Using the Illluminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan.  The 5 of Clubs/The Devil

It's time to shake off some attachments and dependencies.  The "devil" in this card is our inner demon distracting us from achieving that 3rd eye serenity we crave.  This card wants me to take back control from the monkey mind, and sit in restful oneness.  I love how The Illuminated Tarot uses beautiful symbols of Kundalini fire, calming turquoise and glowing amber downward-cast eyes to illustrate how we can balance all that good, motivating Fiery energy, with a sense of Inner Harmony.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The November Tarot Day 28 Relationship Reveal

Today I did a Relationship Reveal draw.  Do you have a relationship conundrum?  Wonder where it's going, were the fuck it went?  Do you need some insight into how to appreciate this relationship more?  People can be pretty good at hiding themselves from us.  The cards can show us a relationship Gift lying dormant - once we see it, we can dig it up, dust it off and put a shine to it.

Here it is - Pick a Court card that represents your Human.  It doesn't have to relate to birth gender or appearance in any way.  It's just something about this Court card that embodies qualities you associate with this Human.

Now.  Shuffle your Major Arcana cards, fan out face down in front of you.  Put a little energy into your choice - rub your hands together, let your card give you some vibes.  The Major Arcana draw shows aspects of your relationship you might have missed.  It can be a Blessing unseen until this moment, something this person has taught you, something so important that they have Yet to Illuminate for You.  This card may also be used for shadow work.  Is there a dark side to knowing this Human?  Do they nourish your soul, or leave you vacant and insubstantial?

For this draw I used the Aquarian Tarot, and a certain someone in mind - No, it's not my husband :^)

My Person is quietly forceful, rigid, conservative in some ways.  They are focused on matters of the material plane, first, always.  They don't seem adventurous.  They are stubborn.  They appear sure of their opinions.  They love me.  They are mature.

My Major Arcana card turned out to be The Magician.  The Magician does have a gift for me.  He wants me to see that some relationships are everlasting.  He wants me to see that this person's intentions come from a place of love.  They want to give it all.  They need to feel respected.  They want me to see how much they can share with me if I set aside my Ego to listen.  But. here comes the shadow... they don't know me.  The Magician is a pretty solitary, all encompassing energy.  The magician has all the tools and maybe this represents an obstacle in the free exchange of thought between my Human and Me.  I can't get past his table full of important tried and true tools, and he needs nothing from me.  Nothing but adoration and respect.

What can I learn from these 2 cards showing my Perception of this person and something that I need to See?  This relationship is blocked by ego and a difference in ideas.  This relationship is worth working on.  This person has a lot to give.  Maybe this person would like me to see past all the trappings on the table, and look deeper to the Human under the ceremonial robe.  They would rather move forward and keep working on the relationship until we get it right.

The November Tarot Day 27

Day 27 Monday Motivations.  Like The Queen of Clubs, I can grow and prosper where I’m planted.  This Queen of Cats knows how to take care of herself and others, without losing her sense of who she is.  She takes on projects and daily activities, but maintains a fierce focus on protecting her what drives her.  This Lioness doesn’t allow her Spirit to be stamped out by daily tasks - she taps into her inner motivations and makes each moment count for Something Bigger.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Moon

Moondust by Sebastian

The November Tarot Day 23

As Above, So Below and Gratitude. Using Thoth Deck

Happy Thanksgiving! 

So Below is Debauch, 7 of Cups.  Perfect for reflecting on the not-so-great aspects of Thanksgiving Day - Indulgence.  But also a card dealing with illusion.  Buying into your own hype. Choices made from a place of “Because of who I am, I have to do X”. But here comes The Star in the As Above placement showing us that if we can brake through Illusions and find a Higher Meaning we can make better choices, and break negative behavior patterns.
My Gratitude Card is Ace of Wands.  The Ace of Wands provides the divine Fire of Encouragement.
As Above So Below means that we see ourselves in God and God sees itself in us.  There is no dividing line.  Have a blessed day.

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The November Tarot Day 25

Day 25

Powerful Markers for Today's Draw:  Allow/Accept/Adjust

Using this Guidance, I pulled from The Aquarian Tarot and for the first time in a long while pulled 3 Major Arcana Cards, strong medicine for the soul.

The first thing that strikes me is the duality bracketing the center card - The Moon and The Chariot both are about the interplay of light and dark, impulse versus forethought, illusion versus reality.  Temperance is about Balance and Acceptance.  Our struggle is to see that there is an opportunity for spiritual growth in each moment.  If every path was lined with daisies, and our every desire fulfilled, this wouldn’t be the Human Experience.  Our struggles shape who we are.  And our most challenging situations give us the chance to be our own life-coach.

Allow - The Moon - is showing us that the human condition is our great Spiritual Teacher.  Allow each moment to occur knowing that it represents an opportunity to see something sacred within ourselves.

Accept - Temperance -  Accepting ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY.

Adjust - The Chariot - is showing us how to marry our head and heart, conscious and unconscious to see things for what they truly are.  The Chariot is all about adjusting our perceptions when those perceptions are getting in way of moving forward.

The November Tarot Day 24

What can I share with the 🌍

The Jack of Diamonds. The Jack is an embassador of opportunity. She loves to learn and find ways to take her new-found mastery out for a spin. I feel like maybe she loves her some journaling too 💜

Using the Illuminated Tarot

The November Tarot Day 22

The November Tarot Day 22

The Illuminated Tarot Ace of Cups

This tells me to pay attention to opportunities for new relationships, emotional growth, or even... Looking at attachments with new found vision. For my COTD this is a welcome reminder that I don't have to revert to old Frames of Reference for my emotional response. The Ace of Cups is an invitation to Expansion.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The November Tarot Day 21

The November Tarot using the ancient Italian tarot deck. Past/Present/Future Challenges from @lionharts

Page of wands has helped me recognize potential and true desires. With all the naive hopefulness of a beginner he urges me to act on impulses, take chances.

But in the present the anticipation of goals reached doesn't always manifest in ways immediately apparent to my conscious mind. The Page made promises I may not be able to keep. In charges the Knight of swords with all his ferocious determination. Remember Strength takes many forms.

9 of Swords is a warning. Change my approach or risk failure.

Flash forward to getting home from work at the end of the day and seeing my Fante Di Bastoni and my Caval'di Spade sittin' there staring at me.

I was wrong.  This is what is really happening:

Now I’m reviewing, and I realize that my enthusiastic Knave is facing off against the serious-minded, goal-oriented Knight.  Here’s my adjustment ;^) I have an interior battle going between my wishful self and the realist (read nihilist) which could result in me not actually getting much done - see the 9 of Swords.  I have to give it up to my Knave here and keep positivity first and foremost in my mind!

Monday, November 20, 2017

The November Tarot Day 20 Abundance

Day 20 using The Illuminated Tarot

Theme Abundance.  How can I create fulfillment, security, abundance in my life?

The King of Diamonds is my life-coach this time around.  He says feelings of fulfillment will manifest in the form of spiritual wisdom and connecting to nature.  Find ways to be giving right now.  Identify places/peaple/situations rich in spiritual nourishment, rather than short-term thrills.  Invest time in meditation, mantra recitation and sacred ritual.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The November Tarot Day 19 Body/Mind/Spirit

Day 19 Body/Mind/Spirit Spread.  Using the method of rubbing my hands together to increase the receptivity of vibrational energy from the cards, I drew the following, all Swords:

Body: 2 of Swords - Blocked emotional response, withdrawal from a situation, decision-making, feeling a need to come out the Victor in a situation.
Mind: 6 of Swords - The Middle Way, balance, feeling a need to get some mental distance from issues that weigh on me.
Spirit: Queen of Swords, baby - Clarity, feeling secure in my decision-making skills.  Calm in the face of conflict.  Trusting my inner wisdom, Strength of Character.

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday, beautiful humans.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The November Tarot - New Moon - Intention Setting

We welcome a new Scorpio November Moon today, here it occurred in the morning around 6:42 am.  The November new Moon in Scorpio is a time of cocooning.  Making preparations for transformation in whatever way it needs to occur.  Constant motion without taking the time to withdraw and reflect results in uninformed action and rash decision-making.  Darkening of our winter allows us this time of reconnecting with our inmost desires.  The New Moon in November tells us to to slow down, cut out the distractions, and meditate on personal affirmations.  Release the old, welcome new positive motivations.


Day 18 New Moon Intention Setting Spread. @lionharts Opportunities/Mindset/Intention using the Jumbo Smith/Waite Deck.

Opportunities - The Moon (!!) asks us to balance the inner untamed beast that dwells within us with the carefully crafted persona we show to the world.  That wild unconscious mind is the key to knowing our inner truth.  Daily suppression of our true desires can be very demotivating.

Mindset - The 5 of Swords is unfortunately #accurate right now.  Feelings of defeat are prominent in my mind now.  Feelings of not being mentally prepared for my current work.  Definitely not feeling grounded.  Angsty.

Intention - Strength (again ;^) Oh yes Strong Female Energy!  This is more focus on taming that inner beast with grace, courage and love.  Feelings of inadequacy can bubble under the surface, snuffing out motivating energy.  I think the lovely, flower-bedecked goddess of this card is encouraging me to find the fearlessness to move forward.

The November New Moon in Scorpio guides me out of that murky defeatist vibe to a new more daring determination.

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The November Tarot Day 17 - Choices

 #thenovembertarot Day 17 Focus on Past/Present/Future using #theilluminatedview  and @lionharts as prompt.

My card of the past is the 2 of Hearts/Temperance, Present is 7 of Hearts Choices, Future is The Chariot/7 of Spades

The theme of these cards is Duality. Hard choices and being of 2 minds.  The 3 cards are bracketed by 2 of Hearts and the duality associated with the Chariot.  In the present moment I’m surrounded by difficult choices, and until I jump in and test the waters I won’t know the outcome - The Chariot reminds me that I’m on a journey whether I like it or not.  This is a time to look to what has brought me balance and comfort in the past, what or who has given me sanctuary.  Sometimes we have to look to the past to make better future choices.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

The November Tarot Day 16 Joy Bliss Happiness Euphoria

Today's draw is driven by the questions What makes me joyful, happy, blissed out?  What do I need to pay attention to experience more happiness?

Using the Aquarian Tarot I draw The Queen of Swords and The Eight of Cups

The Queen of Swords seemed like an odd choice for What makes me happy, but then I looked deeper. The Queen of Swords values honest communication.  She loves wit.  She doesn't suffer fools.  She is direct and doesn't really have much of a poker face - what you see is what you get.  That's me, that's what I look for -   Just show us what you got already.  Don't play me.

The Eight of Cups is a wise guide.  Don't spend time considering the past, just move on.  The Eight of Cups tells me that my happiness is Up to Me.  The solitary seeker in this card needs to look inward for sources of happiness.  Bliss isn't dependent upon anything but a willingness to accept the sacred in each present moment.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The November Tarot Day 15 - Chakra Spread

I love doing a Chakra Spread.  Just the way Kundalini energy coils up the spine, so does a Chakra Tarot Spread make connections, especially when you use the TOTALLY appropriate Thoth Tarot Deck.  Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris really created a deck that works so well when interpreting energy channels and associated aspects of the body and its behaviors.  Try a Chakra Tarot Spread, maybe followed by some yoga and breath work - Feel Alive!

 #thenovembertarot November Tarot Challenge using Thoth Deck.  Chakra Spread, creating harmonious energy in the body, unblocking potential.

Root Chakra - Red - Grounding.  The Lovers are all about feelings of foundation and support, uniting, loving, and creating stability in relationships.  Root Chakra corresponds to survival, The Lovers are stronger together than apart.

Sacral Chakra - Orange - Sexuality.  This card bursts with fiery balanced sexual energy, and feelings of trusting your motivations.  6 of Wands is sexual potential.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow - Stomach.  10 of Swords. Trust your Gut.  It is the end of a cycle.  It is time to listen deeply and move on.  If ugly words or negative behavior patterns have been at play, this is the time to Cut it Out and Move On.  That feeling in our stomach that tightens up when we feel hurt or angry - this is the time to take notice.

Heart Chakra - Green - Prudence, the 8 of Disks.  How beautiful to find this card in my heart . This is the Tree of Life, green with vital energy, digging into the earth, taking root, and giving itself time to grow.  Our Heart Chakra is a main conduit to the lower and higher chakras.  The coiled Kundalini energy at the base of the spine grows like this tree, bridging the higher and lower chakras.

Throat Chakra - Blue - Queen of Wands.  The throat chakra is associated with Creativity and Communication.  The Queen of Wands is beautiful, but a little dangerous.  She may be impassioned in her speech, and not always come from a place of compassion.  This card warns against speaking before you think.

Third Eye Chakra - Indigo - Intuition.  The 4 of Cups.  The intuitive mind is fluid, moving freely away from fixed perceptions, bridging understanding in the way that only the subconscious can achieve.  The 4 of Cups partners well in the Third Eye Chakra, the place of inner knowing.

The Crown Chakra - White - The Sun.  The Crown Chakra is attainment of Spiritual Integration.  The bright, hot white of the sun shines down its blessing upon us, helping us see our own Divinity.  The Sun gives life, it sustains us.  Crown Chakra sun medicine to help us through dark days of winter.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Day 14 The November Tarot Challenge

 #thenovembertarot Day 14 @lionharts  Guidance is Where am I being too hard on myself, How do I apply this message? Using @illuminatedtarot I draw 2 Cards

Fiery Strength/Ace of Clubs and Melancholy 5 of Hearts

Do I live up to my own expectations? Do I feel failure when I don’t reach certain goals?  Why?  Because I haven’t made peace with the concept of Desire.  Strength comes in many forms.  Strength comes from Desire - we don’t push hard for something unless we truly desire it.  Desire is the fiery life force that burns within.  It’s not something we should extinguish for fear of living too large.  The Melancholy 5 of Hearts warns against being passive and allowing worry to take root.  It says “Don’t smother that inner fire with dissatisfaction - harness Lion energy and move ahead”

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Day 13 of The November Tarot Challenge

 #thenovembertarot Day 13 Guidance from @lionharts is What do I appreciate, What do I NEED to appreciate?

Card 1 - 8 of Pentacles.  Yes, my fellow Capricorns will appreciate lots and lots and lots of hard work!  Cappys are happy when toiling away, completely oblivious to everyone and everything around them, just keeping on that grind.  And also, this kind of tunnel vision doesn’t leave much opportunity for spiritual or emotional growth.

Which is why…

Card 2 - 10 of Cups - Appreciate that never-ending wellspring of emotional support and loving humans.  Lift up that gaze to see what’s going on, take time to just stand up and celebrate the beauty of a moment.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

The November Tarot Challenge Day 12 Sunday!

 #thenovembertarot Day 12 Sunday Theme for Today is from @lionharts challenge.  Acceptance, Card 1 “I can do this”, Card 2 “This needs more time”

Every few days or so I draw the 10 of Rods.  The theme of Acceptance/I can do this is shown in this card of perserverance - doing something no matter the challenges. Determination.  But the figure in this card is short-sighted, industrious but without a clear goal.  So, Card 2, shows me the way out of feelings of futility - The 4 of Swords encourages the Dreaming Mind.  This card says “sleep on it and discover the ONE thing that is really exerting influence right now.” This card says Stop to the motion of the 10 of Wands - take the time you need to address underlying issues so you can move forward with a sense of purpose and a bigger World View.

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#thenovembertarot Day 11 Karma

Day 11 #thenovembertarot @lionharts guidance theme is Karma

3 Card Draw using @theilluminatedtarot

1st Card - Area of my Life where Karma is Big Time right now

5 of Hearts, Ignoring the beauty of the present moment because we’re focused on mistakes of the past, missed opportunities.  This card appears when we’re in a cycle of regret and longing for what could have been, whether it’s far behind us, or the fact that we didn’t tell our kid I Love You before they went off to school.  What happens when we focus on what MIGHT HAVE BEEN?  Nothing.  Life occurs in the present moment.  I should notice shit when it is Actively Occurring so I won’t have to freak out later.

2nd Card - What should I do More of?

Jack of Clubs.  Sense of Adventure.  Just Do It.  Don’t let your dreams be dreams.  This card perfectly captures the spirit behind the 1st Card - It’s very liberating to allow yourself to jump in and focus on the Experience, with no judgement, worry, preconceived notions.

3rd Card - What should I do Less of?

7 of Clubs - Vigilence.  In this placement my industrious beavers are telling me to chill the fuck out.  Just relax, every moment doesn’t have to be in pursuit of something.  Just ride the log down the river and see where you end up.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Day 10 November Tarot Challenge - Thoth Deck

Creating Harmony is the theme for #thenovembertarot Post for Day 10.  2 Card Draw.  The place markers are What can I do to create more harmony for myself and What can I do to create more harmony for others?

Creating inner harmony - I draw The Hierophant, fully energized by the power of all of the blessings of all Divine Beings.  If I listen to The Hierophant, I hear the call of all prayers.  The Hierophant is my inner guru gracing me with a feeling of harmony and spiritual health.

Creating outer harmony - I draw The 4 of Cups or Luxury.  The Thoth Deck takes a very different view of the 4 of Cups.  Everything about this card overflows with a sense of richness, abundance and stability.  If I can tune in to what others need emotionally, I can externalize harmony more deeply in my relationships.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Day 9 #thenovembertarot Theme is Love and Relationships - Here's a Love Spread ;^)

Here is a Relationship 5-Card Spread
Using the Illuminated Tarot, By Caitlin Keegan

Inspired by @lionharts Instagram Post for Day 9 of The Tarot Challenge

Card #1 What do I need in a relationship? 7 of Clubs, beavers building and working together toward a common goal, unity in times of turbulence.

Card #2 What does my lover need in a relationship?  Ace of Diamonds, The World, feeling free to show your true self, showing honesty.  Show your true essence.

Card #3 What creates a barrier to understanding?  10 of Diamonds, placing importance on worldly gains, concerns over financial security/stability.

Card #4 What creates a bridge to understanding each other? 2 of Hearts, Temperance, acting with Grace, the loving cup is forever regenerated and refilled by nonjudgement and acceptance.

Card #5 What should I do right now? 9 of Diamonds, The Hermit, go within and seek the sage advice of inner knowing.  It's okay to crawl into your shell to find your inner light, before coming out and facing life's challenges.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

#thenovembertarot Day 8 Theme of Strength

 #thenovembertarot Day 8 from @lionharts Theme is Strength, where have I found strength in the past, what area of my life needs empowerment now, how can I build on what I now know moving forward.

The Magician has other sources of personal empowerment.  Wealth, ambition, and other trappings of the material world don’t hold the key to inner strength.  The divine spark of inner conviction is where to find power now.

The Lovers (again!) are the area of my life that needs reinforcement.  When daily life presses forward this is usually the zone that goes neglected.
The King of Rods is gazing upon the lovers and blessing them with his dynamic energy.  His fiery potential can be used to strengthen personal relationships, and infuse them with Love Power.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

#thenovembertarot Day 7 Tarot Challenge Something I Should Do for Myself

Taken from My Instagram Page Today 

#thenovembertarot  from @lionharts Day 7 using the theme of “Something I should do for myself”. The Knight of Wands in the placement of “What area of my life is most in need of Self-Care?” And The Lovers “What can I do to nurture Self-Care in my life?” Using the Jumbo Smith/Waite Deck and charging them with energetic crystal intentions

The Knight of Wands tells me to charge forth with passion and a strong sense of purpose.  In the words of Curtis Mayfield, “move on up, toward your destination, you may find from time to time complication”  The Knight says be bold, be confident, No Self Doubt, and that is definitely Self-Care of the spirit.

The Lovers, show me another important aspect of Self-Care, Sacred Union, honoring and placing Love in high importance.  These 2 cards together are very, um, Potent.  And, also, besides the Sex Magic, The Lovers reflect back on The Knight of Wands and his bold sense of Self-Worth - they say, “Don’t just charge forth, show your True Self in what you do” Manifest yourself 100%, non-diluted, Me, Myself, and I.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Day 6 of #thenovembertarot Healing

The November Tarot Challenge Day 6!  The theme is healing.

The November Tarot Challenge Day 6!  The theme from @lionharts is healing!  It’s a Monday morning wake up call to self-care, roll out of bed, preen those feathers, and celebrate another opportunity to treat yourself right. #thenovembertarot #tarotreadersof Instagram #10ofspades #staywoke #rooster #songoftheself

Sunday, November 5, 2017

#thenovembertarot November Tarot Challenge Day 5 Gratitude

Day 5 of The November Tarot Challenge.  Happy Sunday.

Today's challenge as guided by @lionharts - see the Insta feed for November Tarot reading inspiration.

For today's theme of Gratitude I use The Illuminated Tarot.  The card for today is The Star/7 of Diamonds.

Gratitude carries over to Enjoyment of Life and this card energizes that quality with the power of 7.

Everything about this card calls on us to appreciate life on a higher level.  The Star illuminates all the beauty around us and asks that we acknowledge its positivity.  The Star shows us that inner potential can be actualized if we energetically wish for it.  The 7 Diamonds stand for 7 Chakras, 7 Levels of The Tree of Life, 7 Original Planets, 7 Alchemical Metals, 7th Heaven - 7 is the Great Spiritualizer.

This is a powerful card to work with positive visualizations in meditation.  For my Sunday meditation on Gratitude I will focus on Grace, Enjoyment and Illumination.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

#thenovembertarot Day 4 The November Challenge

Happy Beaver Moon!  Around 1 am here in Michigan we might get to see a beautiful full November Moon, sometimes called Beaver Moon, Frost Moon and other names that hint at the winter to come.

@lionharts tarot challenge for today is sooooo good and I love this spread sooooo much.  Here is the spread as described on the instagram post from @lionharts:

November Tarot challenge.
In theme of the Full Moon, today, we look at what we should release.
When you shuffle cards with just the keyword in mind, you might get positive cards. Read below how to deal with a positive or negative card per keyword.
Just so it's clear, you only have to draw one card per keyword.

Negative card: What unhealthy attachments should I let go of?
Positive card: How can I build on my attachments? How does this relate to release?

Negative card: What emotions are hindering my best self?
Positive card: What focus gives emotional release?

Negative card: What behavior does no longer serve me?
Positive card: What behavior would support my growth? How am I not doing this enough yet?

Pretty great, huh? I couldn't wait to draw my cards and reflect on the issues of attachments, emotions, and behavior.  The guidance of release as part of the process of harnessing the full moon's energy is a valuable tool.

I used the Aquarian Deck for this challenge, and drew The 9 of Rods, Death, and The Emperor.  All serious-as-a-heart-attack male archetypes.  Full moon potential is all about the completion of a cycle. 

Remember that new moon in libra back on 10/19/17?  Well the balance of polarities we struggled with on that new moon have completed their cycle and we now find ourselves in the grip of a full moon in Taurus.  The influences at work here are mainly Neptune and Venus which affect our emotional sensitivity, and romantic life.  This is a moody, melancholy moon - just roll with it and now its completing a cycle.  It will pass.

The 9 of Rods in the placement of attachment:  This cards shows hard work, following through with your passions despite obstacles, and determination to realize your full potential, even when it's tough going.  I definitely attach and identify with this character struggling, maybe taking on too much, maybe not seeing the bigger picture sometimes.  Ultimately, I see the positive potential in this card - tenacity is my spirit animal - but I also see the attachment to the perception of being overwhelmed.  Moving on with a larger whole world view is in order for me.

The Death Card in the placement of emotions:  Freakishly accurate, and pervasively prescient.  If you'll recall, this major arcana card took center stage this month as the overall theme.  As I might have mentioned, I love this card.  Look at my two dudes, here, the 9 of rods and death, just forging ahead and getting on with their bad selves.  Both are men of action.  Both are full steam ahead, no turning back, kind of guys.  I'm okay with this.  But the emotional weight of feeling like a change is gonna come all the time is a heavy load, and I probably need to lighten the fuck up.

The Emperor in the placement of behavior:  Yeah, I see that.  I can definitely be insistent in my ways, and rigid in my perceptions.  This is also a card I draw a lot!  I do appreciate that after the toil and grind theme of the 9 of rods, and the portent of change as told by Death, I'm glad to see my Emperor takes time to set a spell and gather his wits.  Sometimes you need to take a moment to really contemplate your next move, rather than act impulsively.  Also, collect yourself and see the cause and effect of action.

Oh my.  Loving this tarot spread so much.  Thanks @lionharts!

#thenovembertarot Day 3 of The November Tarot Challenge

From @golddusttarot

#thenovembertarot Day 3 Themes relating to The Empress. Self-Care Inspired by@lionharts Nov Tarot Challenge

The Queen of Pentacles is always taking care of others, feeding, nurturing, picking up after 😉 She keeps herself grounded and rules with practicality. This Queen suggests I don't neglect my physical needs of fresh air, nature, yoga, tea, and inward-gazing. If you don't take care of yourself you can't take care of others 💓

#tarotreadersofinstagram #selfcare #benurtured #thequeenofpentacles

Thursday, November 2, 2017

#thenovembertarot for November 2, 2017 Spotlight on The Illuminated Tarot

Day 2 of #thenovembertarot  challenge.  Thanks again @lionharts for the inspiration!  Day 2, times 2.

My muse, mentor, and life-coach, @dawnofplanetmouse is joining me. The question for the 1 card draw is "what path will help me grow"

@dawnofplanetmouse drew the 4 of ♦ from @illuminatedtarot deck. 

This card is all about balance in the material plane. How can we use our natural ability? Are we giving something in return for the abundance we enjoy?

My #thenovembertarot is a 3-card draw.
What do I need to know, how do I apply this knowing, and what will this solve?

#1 Find a way to be peaceful, and carve out some time to meditate/practice sacred ritual, focus inward, trust yourself

#2 More of the same. Take active steps to relieve anxiety. Don't just lie there passively allowing worry to surround you. Get up and experience joy.

#3 Acknowledge loved ones and express gratitude for family and friends!  Seek out others who are energized by a higher purpose. Feel the 💓