Saturday, December 9, 2017

Maiden/Mother/Crone Tarot Spread

Greetings beautiful humans.

Here is a new spread I'm working on:  Maiden Mother Crone

Maiden Card divines New Possibilities, areas of Naivete, Innocence

Mother Card divines Energies/Situations to be Nurtured, Relationships to Grow

Crone Card divines The Greater Forces at Work, Guidance, Psychic Protection

My Maiden Card is Understanding.  Feeling paralyzed by anxiety isn't a working tool.  Start facing the situations that scare me with that Easy Like Sunday morning vibe.

My Mother Card is Empowerment.  She says Show Yourself to the World.  Like Joan of Arc, be bold and true to yourself.  Accept the present moments and be Fearless - it's transformational.

My Crone Card is about the Process.  She says learn to See the moments that feed your Spirit.  Bask in the Fire of those life moments that make you feel Connected.

Using the Illuminated Tarot.

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